In a time where police brutality and a global pandemic pose serious threats to those interested in getting involved, Your Fight Too is providing outlets and jobs that both support the cause and encourage social distancing. We know there is uncertainty surrounding how to help, and we are here to provide those answers. If you are not acting, you are part of the problem. With that said, we understand finding safe programs isn’t always easy. Let us be the bridge between the two. 


We as people are connected in ways we’ve never been before. We cannot take that for granted. Oppressive systems in this country harm the black community, the indigenous community, the immigrant community, while at the same time benefiting white Americans. If we want to change these systems, everyone affected has to work together. No group can succeed without support from the others.


Your Fight Too is a non-profit organization providing volunteer opportunities for those who want to support and uplift the fight for social justice happening in the New York City area.

Your Fight Too was founded in New York City when protests starting erupting over the death of George Floyd in the Summer of 2020. Since then, a small band of medics, activists, and engaged citizens has turned into a highly efficient and passionate volunteer network, fighting to support protesters on the streets of New York City. We do our part to ensure the fight for justice continues with strength and endurance. 



Ambition has many different roots. I draw mine from growing up brown in an affluent, predominantly white town. As a first-generation Latino, I experienced discrimination in a society that considered itself evolved from America’s racist history. It only confirmed for me that no matter how far we’ve come as a conscious community, there is still work to be done. I hope that Your Fight Too can begin that work and help move us into a future of true equality. My future for the organization is to continue to help the communities of color who need us most. Our current ethos is grounded in support, and I plan to cultivate that support into active change. I have always been someone who feels empathy for others. As a child, I was inspired to be a doctor and eventually became an EMT to work with patients and get hands-on experience. Since then, I’ve gravitated towards a different scientific field and work in a COVID-19 testing lab. When the movement called for action, I knew my skills were needed here. It is up to everyone to answer that call in any way they can, and this is the course I chose. Between protests and lab schedules, I try to practice self-care so I’m not overwhelmed by the work that needs to be done. I regularly practice the piano and use kundalini to keep my mind clear, but I need my CBD and Seamless to help curb my anxiety and stress. It’s all about balance.


I am always here as a resource to you. Never hesitate to reach out to me with any questions and concerns. We are a community, and I am accessible to you.



“I love volunteering with YFT! Their events are always thoughtfully planned, well-executed, and I appreciate how they prioritize volunteer safety and feedback. It's great to work with and get to know others who are so passionate and willing to put in the work to support the Black Lives Matter movement and local protests.” 

- A

“I had a really great time and was really glad to be able to provide help! It was a really good experience and I really appreciate the work that the coordinators put in!”

- A

"I love volunteering and meeting other like-minded folks through YFT events. They make getting involved simple and straightforward, and they keep me up to date on what's going on and how I can help."

- S